Hello! I’m a learner, a teacher, a programmer, a game maker, a remixer, an artist, and a writer. I graduated from a Florida university where I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and am now traveling the world. I’ve been to several countries, most notably the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, England, Poland, Czech Republic, Colombia, Germany, Belgium, South Korea, and Japan, and I have plans to go to many more.

My interests include: computers, science, computer science; the works. Also, aerospace, AMVs, art, aviation, biology, chemistry, cultures, digital inking, drawing, engineering physics, environmental science, foreign languages, game design, graphic design, health, literature, lucid dreaming, martial arts, meeting new people, movies, mythology, nature, outer space, pharmacology, philosophy, photography, politics, programming, psychology, reading, software, the Space Shuttle, statistics, the subconscious, traveling, video games, and web design.

List of favorite:
TV shows
Video games

Inspirational Quotations

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Table of Languages by World Rank

Please keep in mind the following is based on an estimate. source source

Language World Rank (# Natives) Native Speakers Secondary Speakers Total Speakers
Mandarin Chinese 1 845 mil 180 mil 1025 mil
Spanish 2 415 mil 15 mil 430 mil
English 3 335 mil 613 mil 948 mil
Arabic 5 232 mil 220 mil 452 mil
Russian 8 144 mil 106 mil 250 mil
Japanese 9 122 mil 1 mil 123 mil
German 11 90 mil 28 mil 118 mil
Korean 17 72 mil 1 mil 73 mil
French 18 68 mil 52 mil 120 mil
Polish 30 40 mil < 1 mil 40 mil
Dutch 57 22 mil 3 mil 25 mil
Swedish 92 8.3 mil < 1 mil 8.3 mil
Norwegian 129 4.6 mil < 1 mil 4.6 mil

Europe Travel Girl