Guest post: Enhance your language skills through your smartphone

Hello everyone! Today I have a guest post for you, one written by Tongue-Twisting Girl, a fellow blogger and language learner. She is an advocate for learning languages through smartphone apps, and has some recommendations for some good ones! Take it away, girl!

Mobile devices have their own share of benefits to human beings, which includes making learning an interactive and engaging process. Given mobile’s ability to access a myriad of resources online, smartphones have now become an acceptable educational trend that has transcended many different forms. In the United States alone, more and more college students are using their smartphone for learning purposes, spending an average of 3.3 hours daily for mobile learning on their handsets.

Thus, learning a new language on your smartphone has been made easier, so long as you are equipped with the right information about to best do it. How can you enhance your vocabulary and language skills through your mobile device?

Get the right apps
As the often-used adage goes: “there’s always an app for that.” When it comes to learning a new language or developing your skills, there’s usually an application for it. But, there are thousands of mobile apps out there that offer the same things. So, how can you distinguish an effective and suitable educational app for you? Here are some recommendations:

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