BauBax travel jacket

There’s a new Kickstarter campaign going on, and I’m excited to see what becomes of it in the coming month. This campaign is the BauBax travel jacket, a jacket with 15 travel-specific features in one, including things like a built-in iPad pocket, passport pocket, phone pocket, eye mask, inflatable neck pillow, gloves, and much more. It’s already way beyond its desired funding of $20,000 (the campaign is at $3,831,413 at the time of this post), and is incredibly promising in its rewards.

If you’re a traveler like me, you’ll hopefully see the value in something so tremendously useful! There are four different styles for the jacket (sweatshirt, windblazer, bomber, and blazer), and several different colors, so its appearance is flexible, too. In a practical sense, no more would you have to gather your items scattered in your backpack and set them in the security bins (other than your laptop, of course); all of these items would be able to be plucked right from out of your pockets!

Not only this, but you’re able to get a pretty good discount ($160 instead of $200+ for the windblazer or bomber, for example, and that includes shipping) by supporting the Kickstarter now rather than waiting until the project is fully in fruition this November, which is when your jacket is expected to be shipped if you preordered one. I support the idea so much that I’m getting two of them. Here are a few pictures from the campaign:




Check out the campaign and give it some support!

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