Going to the UK, Poland, and Czech Republic

So the UK is a place I’ve heard about for all of my life, and I’ve seen a number of movies that took place inside of it. Finally, it won’t be just a place I’ve heard of anymore!

I’ll be arriving in the Stansted airport of London tomorrow, June 11th, and staying with a friend until June 22nd. I’ll be spending most of this time in London, with perhaps a short trip up to Cambridge. I have a couple of things I definitely want to do or see, but I’m also in no rush to catch them all in one go, partly because I’m fairly certain I’ll be back – there are many reasons to go to London! Besides that, I’m more of a stay-in-one-country-for-a-long-time person, and even though this trip will be rather short, not seeing too many tourist attractions wouldn’t bother me all that much. Wait, though, there’s more in store for me yet! On June 22nd, I’ll then be heading to Poland, where I’ll see a few separate cities before likely visiting the Czech Republic. I’ll return to Bergen in Norway on the 2nd of July.

There is so much exploration to be done and so many new experiences to be had! This will be my first multi-country hop (not including those times I just hopped airports), and also my first time taking Ryanair (from Oslo to London and London to Katowice), the budget airline known for its extra fees. From what I’ve seen so far, though, as long as you’re fine with no extras whatsoever, such as no checked bag, no choosing your seat, and also having to print your boarding pass yourself, then they don’t add anything to your fee. I actually am excited to have my first experience where all I can bring is one backpack; it’ll test my ability to know what I use and what I need on my travels. A bit of mind-stretching is never a bad thing. 🙂

Here is my approximate travel plan (all dates with a ~ mean they’re flexible):

Bergen, Norway: May 8 – June 11
Oslo, Norway: June 11
London, England: June 11 – June 22
Katowice, Poland: June 22 – ~June 23
*Oswiecim, Poland: ~June 23
*Krakow, Poland: ~June 23 – ~June 25
*Warsaw, Poland: ~June 25 – ~June 27
Wroclaw, Poland: ~June 27
*Prague, Czech Republic: ~June 29 – ~July 1
Ostrava, Czech Republic: ~July 1 – ~July 2
Katowice, Poland: July 2
Bergen, Norway: July 2 – ~July 18

Those places marked with an asterisk are pretty much a must when I’m Eastern Europe.

So, here’s to more great adventures!

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