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June 27, 2013 |

Roadtrip across southwest Norway

My incredible Norwegian family was kind enough to take me on a roadtrip across some notable areas in southwestern Norway one sunny Sunday. We took quite a few ferries to visit Odda (where my Norwegian family used to live) and saw tons of waterfalls along the way (because they're my favorite and the people here know this by now, hehe). Here are some pictures (warning: there are a LOT of them) of the gorgeous scenery we came across (you can find many more in the gallery folder):

And here's a glacier in the background flanked by two big, beautiful mountains (a bit difficult to fully see because the sun was beating down pretty hard that day). Pretty nifty, huh?

Ohhey look, there's grass on the roof!

The simplistic beauty of Norway as a country is both exquisite and insane.

Norwegians are mountain people. :D

Ooh, look at this one!

And this one!

Steinsdalsfossen in Norway.

Here's one with a rainbow. :D

It's easy to get absolutely soaked when you stand next to a waterfall the magnitude of Langfoss in Etne, Norway:

It's hard to even get an idea of how large this waterfall is without seeing it in person. It continues for quite awhile up past what's pictured, too. Here's a more comprehensive picture taken by the folks at Folgefonna.

Ahhhh. I love waterfalls. :)

And souvenir shops with cool hats! I got two magnets and a very, very Norwegian shirt.

I love seeing things like these. The above sights, including the chess board, were at a restaurant we stopped at just off of the road.

A view of the restaurant from the other direction, with a glacier behind it!

By the way, the Norwegian company Norled has an interesting logo that might be recognizable to those in the eastern US:

Recognize the flag? That's the flag for Puerto Rico. Oh, sorry. It's an italicized Puerto Rican flag, according to them. Supposedly Puerto Rico once sued Norled over the rights to the flag, but Norled won the case. Why? The flag is apparently the regional flag of Stavanger, and Norway's use of it predates Puerto Rico's. Pretty crazy. :O

This roadtrip was incredible, and I know I'll go on another with my Norwegian family sometime!

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