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August 10, 2012 |

Norway makes everything okay!

Bergen, Norway
Bergen, Norway!

I've come with news! As I said, there are big changes ahead in my life, and to that effect, I am going to be living in Bergen, Norway for three months! This is made possible via a fantastic friend of mine, as well as some other Norwegian friends in the Bergen area. I will be testing the mutual intelligibility of Norwegian and Swedish first-hand, and blogging about it, of course!

However, with the great news comes some bad news for me: I currently don't have a place to come back to when I get back from Norway. The trip is nonrefundable and a lot of problems with housing have surfaced very recently. Two people I was close to have let me down, but I won't let that keep me down! If you want to donate to the House-Katie relief efforts, there is a donation button down a bit on the right sidebar. Alternatively, this link to ChipIn will work. Anything helps. Thank you to all readers from all over! I'll get through somehow! :)

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