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- Germanic mutual intelligibility
- Michel Thomas audio language method review
Tips and travel - First impressions of Sweden
- Bjørgvin Marknad
- Roadtrip across southwest Norway
- Norway's National Day - May 17
- Fløyen and Fløibanen
- The Schengen Agreement
- Guest post: Sindre from Norway
- My 2012 in pictures
- Reverse culture shock
- Pros and cons of different countries I've been to so far
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Here's a short list of my friends and their blogs or websites!

Ari is my extremely talented and young friend who has already amassed quite a lot of game-making, programming, and web design knowledge.

Captain Cornflake (Dennis) is absolutely insane with his crazy antics and views on life, but he's always a reliable source of fun.

Yami (Jon) is my amazing Asian friend from England. Another jokester, Jon is always in a good mood.

ProPro (Lee) does computer repair and virus removal and is based in York, Pennsylvania.

Peefy (Rudi) is one of the funniest people I've ever met. He is Norwegian, and thus so is his blog.

Sara was an American exchange student who lived and studied in the Netherlands. She has much to say about the Dutch and their habits and culture.

TheSnidr (Sindre) is a pretty awesome guy whom I've worked with many times before, especially with regards to game development. He's also one of my greatest friends.

Zeddy (Tony) is a robust Norwegian viking with tons of spirit and love for games and game-making.

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