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November 27, 2012 |

Foreign music artists

I mentioned way back when that singing can help to learn a language. Listening to artists in my target language is one of my favorite ways to boost my vocabulary and listening/speaking abilities. Here are some of my favorite artists for each language; give 'em a try! The more asterisks (*), the more I love them.


* alan (c-pop j-pop) - Japanese, Mandarin
* Alex Fong (c-pop) - Cantonese
* Janice (c-pop) - Cantonese
** Jay Chou (c-pop) - Mandarin
Joey Yung (c-pop) - Cantonese
* Jolin Tsai (c-pop) - Mandarin
* Stephy Tang (c-pop) - Cantonese


Eva De Roovere (folk pop)
* Jurk (nederlandstalig pop)


* Loituma (folk)


* Anggun (alternative pop) - Eurovision 2012 (France)
Hlne Sgara (pop)
* Julie Zenatti (pop)
* Kate Ryan (eurodance)
* Lara Fabian (pop ballad) - Her voice is uncannily similar to Cline Dion's.
** Najoua Belyzel (electronic pop)
Natasha St-Pier (pop)


Eric Fish (folk)
* Rammstein (industrial metal)


* Eleftheria Eleftheriou (electronic pop) - Eurovision 2012 (Greece)
* Ivi Adamou (dance pop) - Eurovision 2012 (Cyprus)
Notis Sfakianakis (folk pop)


Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (folk acoustic)


Eythor Ingi (pop rock) - Eurovision 2013 (Iceland)


Ai Otsuka (j-pop)
** alan (c-pop j-pop) - Japanese, Mandarin
Aya Hirano (j-pop)
ayaka (j-pop)
* Ayaka Hirahara (j-pop ballad) - Wonderful ballad voice.
** Ayumi Hamasaki (j-pop)
** Utada Hikaru (j-pop)
** Chihiro Onitsuka (j-pop)
Crystal Kay (j-pop)
Do As Infinity (j-pop rock)
Hitomi Shimatani (j-pop)
Maaya Sakamoto (j-pop)
Mai Kuraki (j-pop)
Namie Amuro (j-pop r&b)
Nami Tamaki (j-pop)
* Rina Aiuchi (j-pop)
Yo Hitoto (j-pop)
YUI (j-pop rock)
Yuna Ito (j-pop)


DBSK (k-pop)


* Admiral P (reggae)
Bjrn Eidsvg (folk)
* Gabrielle (pop) - Gabrielle's clearly-spoken Norwegian is very easy for learners like me to understand!
* Robin og Bugge (house pop) - Very fun dance music!


* Giulia (electronic pop)
* O-Zone (eurodance)


* Alexander Rybak (folk pop) - Eurovision 2009 (Norway). He sings in Russian and Swedish, but he's Norwegian (and Belarusian)!
Russkiy Razmer (techno pop)
** t.A.T.u. (electronic pop)


** Enrique Iglesias (latin pop)
* Shakira (latin pop)


* Alexander Rybak (folk pop) - Eurovision 2009 (Norway). He sings in Russian and Swedish, but he's Norwegian (and Belarusian)!
* Basshunter (electronic dance)
* Caramell (eurodance)
Kent (indie rock)
Lisa Nilsson (jazz pop)
Melissa Horn (folk)
* Nordman (folk rock)
Roger Pontare (schlager)
Sandra Dahlberg (pop)
Sanna Nielsen (pop schlager)
** Sarek (folk pop) - My inspiration for learning Swedish!
* September (dance pop)
Sofia Karlsson (folk)
Sonja Aldn (pop schlager)

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