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July 11, 2013 |

Bjørgvin Marknad

This summer I went to Bjørgvin Marknad, a viking market that takes place in Bergen (Bjørgvin is the old name for Bergen) in Norway at the end of May/beginning of June every year. Despite the extremely characteristic Scandinavian fog, Sindre and I enjoyed ourselves and didn't get too cold, even though I had been silly enough to not bring a jacket due to the past couple of days actually being warm (a shocker for early June! :O). We saw a viking ship as well as people dressed as all kinds of citizens of a Lord of the Rings kind of era: rangers, elves, warriors, and the like. Some people were also testing out the archery range with handmade bows and arrows that were sold at one of the larger stalls. Here are some pictures, though you can find more in the gallery folder):

A viking puppet show!


Tents and huts.

I'm a ranger!

Bows and stalls and axes.

Medieval fights.

It all was a blast, and definitely something that was very new to me! I absolutely recommend it if you're into medieval times, vikings, or LotR. :)

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