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January 16, 2012 |

Back from Christmas in Amsterdam!

Hello! I was caught up in doing all kinds of things in the Netherlands, but now I'm back home and starting a new school semester! Here's a very short list of some things that happened:

  • Met a great and close online friend of mine, at whose house I ended up staying for three full weeks out of the month I was there!
  • Lived in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Noordwijkerhout
  • Stuffed my face with so much Dutch food it's criminal. My favorites include appelflappen, pannenkoeken, and stroopwafels, pictured in order:

I cannot even begin to describe the incredible kindness of the family who kept me for those weeks (letting me stay for so long, making dinner for me every day without ever once complaining or making me feel bad, etc.); though, of course, they have their quirks, too. The person I stayed with also began becoming a very close friend of mine, and he may be visiting me soon in the United States (soon as in less than a month!). Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I definitely will have more trips lined up. My next likely destination is Norway! More on that later!

So with that, I declare my Dutch mission...ALmost complete! I still want to finish the Michel Thomas course for Dutch, and I have less than one CD left before I move onto my next language. Two hints: it's known as an international language and it was artificially created (in that it was not developed by humans naturally over time). More posts about my stay in the Netherlands are upcoming, but I wanted to share the good news: I've indeed been learning a new Dutch word every day!

Leave any questions or comments below!

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